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January 10, 2011

Disparaging Role Models

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Today our fine School Board decided to spend an inordinate amount of time debating whether to include the words “members of the public” in their governing rules when it comes to whom they may and may not “disparage.”

Of course they took pains to make sure they aren’t allowed to “disparage” each other, the superintendent and staff, but the public – we the people who elected them – well that apparently was worth a lively debate.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!

This stupidity comes on the heels of another brain-dead move our school board recently took – going into a “closed session” to discuss the freedom of information act – FOIA. Yes folks. The freedom of information act – which exists to make information PUBLIC – must, apparently in Fairfax County, be discussed in private.  Unbelievable.

Of course, there is a back story to all of this. Other advocates in my county recently spent a lot of time, effort and money FOIAing our School Board on several issues related to a recent school closure vote. Several embarrassing goodies came out in these FOIAs, including one of our superintendents joking in a very “disparaging” way that one of our higher ranking elected officials must be on crack. Nice. That was a particularly special comment considering the fact that our school budget will soon be voted on by this same higher ranking, elected official.

At today’s School Board meeting, one member stated that School Board members are held to a higher standard because as adults, they are “role models” for the students whom they serve.  Umm….can they please inform the crack-commenting superintendent that our schools are Drug-Free Zones and his language should be too? At the very least, this “role model superintendent” should be held to the same standards of conduct our students must abide by.  I’d like to know how this guy still has his $204,500 job when any FCPS student would surely have been severely reprimanded had they written similar drug comments about a teacher or principal.

Looks like our Board will have to debate hypocrisy at another meeting.

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  1. This is so sad but so true! Our reputation as a school system is riding on past glory and the present is about to catch up with Fairfax County, Virginia. Examples such as this poor choice of words by a county official is just one of many ways our school system administration is letting our students and county down: 1) Eliminating honors level classes when there is an AP option available has no available written rationale, no cited research, no supporting administrative committee reports and no recorded school board vote and is not consistent with any regional school system BUT STILL THE LEARNING OPTIONS FOR ALL OF OUR STUDENTS ARE REDUCED TO 2 LEVELS FOR MANY CORE SUBJECTS IN 10TH, 11TH AND 12TH GRADES! 2) Gone is the progressive ‘Success by 8’ program in our elementary schools, 3) the watering down of our advanced academic standards, and many more changes. So from the early grades to the high schools- Fairfax County is not what it once was: a leader in educational excellence. MANY OF THESE CHANGES PREDATE THE ECONOMIC DOWNTURN AND ARE NOT COST RELATED. Who is in charge here? The School Board, the taxpayers, the business leaders, the parents? No. Our superintendent, Jack Dale, can take full responsibility for all decisions thanks to the adoption of the ‘Strategic Governance Policy’ agreement in 2005-2006 between the school board and the superintendent. Look it up!

    Comment by kvandyck — January 14, 2011 @ 11:12 am

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